Feel5ive Remedy

Dr. Bach's original stress relieving formula is now available in our new product:
Feel 5ive
And we're celebrating the introduction with 50% savings for you!

When Dr. Bach developed his original stress reducing formula, he used specific measurements and, after study and research, preserved those flower essences in brandy.

Now, Feel Bach! has that formula and we are proud to present it to you, exactly as Dr. Bach intended.

We at Feel Bach! believe that you deserve the original formula that Dr. Bach perfected.

Therefore, we are proud to introduce:
Feel5ive - Our own anti-stress flower essences formula made exactly as Dr. Bach created it- and preserved in brandy according to his original recipe.

This blend is the only "shelf product" created by Dr. Bach - and how appropriate it is for our modern world. Humans have always had worries and grief, but now, being "stressed out" is almost epidemic.

But - because you know the power of natural remedies, you don't have to accept a stressed-out way of life.
And you don't have to poison your body with toxic pharmaceuticals that leave you listless, "spacey" or feeling drugged - while they do nothing to remove the cause of your anxiety. Instead, you can turn to Feel5ive for a fast natural remedy with no adverse side-effects. Just a few drops of Feel5ive, with its blend of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem, will help you get through the toughest situations.

"I heard about your products from a book I was reading and decided to give it a try...at first I was nervous about taking it because of my previous experience with medication, and grew more anxious just thinking about what it could do. I gave in and took it. Within 3 days I started feeling better!!! There was a calm that came over me. It truly is amazing. I am a believer in this product."

Use it before an important presentation, a visit to the dentist, after trauma, an airplane ride, or perhaps before meeting your sweetheart's mother for the first time.
Any time your emotions threaten to derail you, take just 4 drops of Feel 5ive and regain your calm control.

"I am going to school and I had to give a presentation in front of my class. I was deathly terrified of giving my presentation. I took some drops just before and I also put some in my water for the presentation. I cannot believe how much it had helped me. I was not even scared at all."

Our celebratory offer:
So that you can experience the superior effects of Feel5ive, and join us in celebrating its introduction, Feel Bach is offering a special introductory price of 50% off:
Only $7.85 for the 20ml bottle!
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Feel five for pets
You aren't the only one who suffers from stress and anxiety -
Your pets have feelings too

And Feel5ive will help them through those times when life becomes confusing, upsetting, and even terrifying.
When they're having to adjust to new surroundings; when they've lost a loved one; when the makeup of your household changes as with the arrival of a new family member; when they have to endure unaccustomed travel; and when they are sensing your anxiety, your pets go through the same kind of emotional turmoil as you do. Sometimes they just become withdrawn and sad. Other times they exhibit behavior that you find unacceptable - such as chewing up the furniture, snapping at people, or soiling the carpets.

"When my 15 year old dog passed away, my 13 year old dog was very depressed and extremely sad, I started by putting your remedy in his water, putting it on my hands and massaging him, and putting it in his food. I noticed a marked improvement in him with in a week and also started taking it myself. It helped us greatly."

Help them through their rough times with a few drops of Feel5ive in their water.
You'll both feel relief. The original formula works well for most situations, but because so many pets have ongoing issues with noise and/or separation, Feel Bach has created two remedies with extra flower essences to specifically treat those problems.

Home Alone will relieve the stress your pet feels when you walk out the door and will allow him or her to wait calmly until your return. Your pet will be happy, and you'll be free from both the guilt of leaving and the disasters that await you as a result of his distress.
Thunder Storms will alleviate that fear that grips so many dogs during thunder storms, when neighbors shoot fireworks, or when they hear a gun go off. And soothing that fear will eliminate that helpless feeling you get when there's simply nothing you can do to comfort the pet you love.

The same half-off introductory pricing applies to all the FeelBach remedies - so get your supply today and be ready the next time stress threatens your pet's happiness.
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We at Feel Bach look forward to helping you live a calm, healthy, and productive life.
If you or your pets have specific emotional challenges, remember that Feel Bach! flower essences can help.

"If only the medical profession was more open to the use of vitamins, herbs, and flower remedies, there would be a lot more healthy people in the world instead of taking yet another prescription/antibiotic which causes who knows what either now or in years to come."

Choose what you need from the 38 essences or fill out our questionnaire to let us help you create a custom blend.

~ Bring balance and wellness to your entire being.